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"Look, Pittoo! A monoeye is in this assist trophy!" "Don’t bring it over here!"


"Look, Pittoo! A monoeye is in this assist trophy!" "Don’t bring it over here!"

500 followers giveaway!!







I think it’s safe to assume most of you are hetalians (and gerita fans), so as a thank you I want to giveaway some of my loots from my last trip to Japan.  ONE lucky winner will receive the following first prize:

(1) brand new Hetalia Sweets Book (character silicon mold included)
(2) Germany and Italy phone strap (I aint’ splitting them sorry! XDD)
(3) ONE out of 6 Hetalia notebooks

and other TWO winners will get:
(1) TWO out of 6 Hetalia notebooks

The notebooks all have different characters on them.  I’m saving one for a dear friend, and the first winner gets to pick a favorite, then the other two winners will receive 2 random notebooks.


- YOU HAVE TO BE ONE OF MY 500 FOLLOWERS TO WIN FIRST PRIZE (you guys are the people I want to thank and celebrate with!)

- to my 500 followers: if you are participating in this giveaway, please try not to change your tumblr name or unfollow/refollow me during this period, or I will be very confused!  If you must due to harassment etc., please let me know in advance via fanmail/ask, thank you!

- everyone else will have a chance to win the notebooks. you do NOT need to follow me to participate in the giveaway.

- no giveaway blogs (I want these to go to a genuine fan)

- both likes and reblogs will be counted as an entry.  You can reblog as many times as you want, just don’t spam your followers! IMPORTANT: make sure you always write something in your reblog post so that it will show up as a new note, otherwise every time you reblog the old entry will be replaced and won’t be counted!

- winners will be chosen at random among my 500 followers for first prize, then random among all entries for second and third prize (I will be using a random number generator)

- giveaway ends on 31 October 2014. I will contact the winners who must respond in 24 hours or a new winner will be chosen.

- winner’s tumblr names will be published

- international shipping included (to most countries, if you’re reblogging from the space station then sorry, you’ll have to pay for postage and get clearance yourself XDD)

I think that’s it!  Good luck, have fun, and thank you!!

Good luck everyone!

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Could you please have Professor Layton go through an existential crisis for getting a puzzle wrong? Something like: “Every puzzle has an ans- wait…. WHAT DO YOU MEAN I GOT IT WRONG!?!? I…. I think I need to lie down.”


Several people have also asked me to do this great post by assranlegacy, so I combined the two requests.


hima: [points out that prussia was alive in 1989]

hima: [makes prussia use youtube, which was created in 2005]

hima: [gives prussia a modern mobile phone]

hima: [makes it very obvious that prussia is canonly alive]

fandom: lol prussia’s dead


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*Glances up from his book about a painter and his model* did you mention something about a Romance?





Si, an Anonimo asked me how I would feel if you and I were in a harlequin romance story. Have you read those kinds of books, Germany? *looks at his husband’s book curiously*

*rolls eyes* Given that I used knowledge from these sort of books to propose to you, all those years ago, albeit it hopelessly, I think it would be obvious. *goes back to reading, adjusting his reading glasses* But if someone were to write one about us, it would likely have me as a bodybuilder or something. *has been imagining himself in the role of the model in his book.*

That’s right. You’re so strong and beautiful, but also very smart. Maybe a teacher could also work. *sighs happily* Hmm, I guess I would be like a young artist.

A young art student looks up at the teacher next to him, hair perfectly brushed back, glasses perched ever so carefully on his nose. “Mr. Vargas…” The artist sighs dreamily, soothed by the voice of the teacher, but not listening to the words being said. “Vargas?”

"…!" His mind snaps back into reality as he shook his head. "Ah, I’m sorry," the smaller man apologizes. Mr. Vargas, Feliciano Vargas, looks up at his teacher. Even for such a good-looking teacher, he was rather strict and can be intimidating if you ever made him angry. "I was not paying attention." He chuckled nervously. "Can you repeat what you said?"

1: What got you into Hetalia?

OOC: At first I heard it back on a forums site and decided to check it out. I watched a few English Subbed episodes, but it never really pulled me in. It wasn’t until Funimation had the rights to it and made it English Dubbed that I wanted to learn more about it. I found the English Dub funny and decided to go on reading the original webcomics and watching over Hetalia Livejournal for all the information. I had participated in Hetalia Bloodbath/Christmas 2010 and 2011, which is probably my most active time as a Hetalia fan. I still remember that the series even got to be a part of a TinierMe collab group gacha, which also got me into roleplaying Hetalia characters. Most of my friendships even started from there. It was the best time of my life.

I may have made some horrible mistakes as a Hetalia fan, but I still wish to redeem myself while still loving this series in a proper and good way.